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Together with other experienced headhunters, I had the opportunity to contribute to the topic of the current trend of Executive Search – Discreet exchange of managers in an article by the magazine Hospodářské noviny. Why is this happening?

“According to headhunter Lucie Sedláčková, requests for manager changes are now more frequent due to crises. “More than ever before, companies are undergoing organisational changes, austerity measures, downsizing, mergers or company sales. The requirements for management candidates have also changed,” says the owner of Fenix Search, an agency that operates in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.

In addition, she says, the demands that companies have not only on managers but also on ordinary employees have increased. “Competencies that were previously enough for the normal performance of a given position are no longer enough.” According to Sedláčková, a good manager, today must be able to adapt quickly to changes and manage crises. At the same time, he should maintain stability in the company and encourage his employees to perform better.

Moreover, the requirements for silent replacements do not only apply to senior positions. Companies are increasingly turning to Sedláčková’s agency to fill lower, non-managerial positions as well. For example, IT specialists or workers in the automotive industry.

“Companies know that there are very few qualified people on the labour market, but they also know that Headhunters are able to discreetly and directly approach and bring potential candidates from the industry or directly from competitors,” Sedláčková adds.”

Read the full article from 27.03.2023 here: Hospodarske noviny

Lucie Sedláčková, Owner/Headhunter

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