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FENIX defended its position among TOP10 companies of the South Moravian Region this year!

Even this year, it succeeded and defended 10th in the TOP10 ranking of South Moravia’s top small and medium-sized firms, out of 327 companies nominated. I thank the FENIX team for its commitment with which they approached each individual wish of both the customer and the candidate. Together, we have managed to settle the “crisis” in the labour market in a very decent and perhaps even better way: O). As in last year, we were ranked 10th in the 14th annual Regional Chamber of Economic Affairs competition Brno. More information here:


Oficial video from this event:


Article at ibrno.cz:


Criteria were evaluated: Company Bonita, business growth dynamics assessment, financial health and employee potential utilisation. A total of 327 companies were nominated.

Our location within the individual criteria evaluated:

  1. Public vote – 3rd place

I would like to sincerely thank the FENIXE “fans” who have moved us up to the shortlist with their votes this summer. In terms of the number of votes, you’ve moved us to 3rd spot of all the companies nominated. Thank you

  1. Assessing the dynamics of a firm’s economic growth – 3rd place
  2. Company Bonita – 50th Place
  3. Assessment of the firm’s financial health – 3rd place
  4. Assessing how to exploit the potential of the firm’s employees – 4th place

The sum of the sub-rankings produced the final order within TOP10 firms.

Unfortunately, the firm’s Bonity rating pushed us up to 10th in the rankings. It’s a good sign, though, that there’s still something to work on, something to improve on, and something to go to!

I also thank the customers, candidates and partners who have placed their trust in our hands. It’s our joint success!

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