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Many articles are published daily on the current situation, so I will save my words and get straight to the point :o) I have also decided to put in work and help companies. I believe the following offer will help you overcome the dangerous situations of tricky coronavirus with greater ease. I have prepared the following options for you, together with my expert partners:

1) Executive Search Services Discount
2)Free consultation of interim / crisis manager and providing his services
3)Being able to mediate workers from all positions – working-class, admin, technical and others…
4)HR Outsourcing services at your company


1. Discount on Executive Search services

Especially for companies that currently or urgently need to find out a manager or specialist, but the price of services seems too high, according to the situation.

The advantages terms mean a reduced amount of money paid when the mediation agreement is signed and on the so-called shortlist. The discount to the total price is 15%. Further information I will provide on request.

Free parts of service: Consultation, situation and job analysis, psychological and professional testing of the candidate.

For the duration of the selection process to find a suitable candidate, I am able to help you to secure an appropriate Interim / Crisis Manager who will temporarily and expertly ensure the company and full-filling of the processes. Until your found candidate would be able to work on full time on your site.


2.Free Interim/Crisis Manager consultation and providing his services

Probably (but let’s wish not so…) it will be necessary for companies to set an emergency operating model during the time of these bad conditions as soon as possible, while also beginning to develop plans for the firm’s operation / renewal once normal conditions return. I recommend you  2 certified companies, both members of the Czech Association of Intermediate Management (www.caim.cz). Contact them directly if necessary.


He ffers completely free online assistance, 24 hours a day, including weekends in the following areas:

1) Free expert consultation via phone or email, possibly skype for small entrepreneurs (EEAS), small, medium and large companies
2) Advice in the pre-declining and declining phase
3) Restructuring, consisting of managing cash flow, minimising overheads, dealing with secondary insolvency and developing opportunities to generate additional revenue
4) Legal documentation to optimise staff numbers, with and without unions
5) Recommendations for staff sharing and transfer to other job places
6) Consultation to manage the crisis situation to workers
7) Parallel assistance to overworked directors and managing directors of companies
8) Interim substitution of people who are quarantined or have to treat a child, possibly a home office, but which is not a common solution for the company
9) Enforcement of losses caused by the declaration of an emergency situation
10) and others, depending on the individual needs of the company



Company provides FREE consultation and recommendations on quality, production, logistics and purchase. Comprehensive advice and implementation of activities in situations, e.g.Published:

1) Ensuring unlimited, increased (e.g. manufacturers of medicines or medical aids) or restricted operation
2) Assistance in interrupting or stopping the work, conserving it and ensuring necessary maintenance and surveillance
3) Assisting with projects whose volume and duration are uncertain
4) After the end of the emergency, when the number of workers will need to be increased for a transitional period in order to quickly restart operations or meet a demand whose total volume will be difficult to estimate
5) Aid in a situation where many logistical processes are disrupted and flows can help with their rescheduling interim logistics.


3) Looking for workers for all positions types 

I have been involved in recruiting workers for different kinds of jobs for more than 15 years. Although I’m recently involved in mediating managers and specialists, I am happy to help companies now to fill any position across the company (with the exception of managers, top managers and specialists, they are searched in the form of Executive Search).

A price discount will be provided on request.


4) HR outsourcing activities

In case you need to represent an absent personalist, my experienced colleague – an internal HR company specialist can quickly “jump in” and lend you an immediate helping hand meaning an on-line consultation or in-person with you at the company. She will take responsibility for recruitment, on-boarding, staff administration, redundancies and other HR activities. If you need to deal with this situation, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Discounted price will be provided on request.

In the event of a larger volume of positions in demand, we will prepare an individual price for you.


I wish you much strength and only good decisions!

With respect, Lucie Sedlačková

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