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New business name and rebranding FENIX

In January 2019, the brand name was replaced and renamed FENIX SEARCH s.r.o. (Originally FENIX PERSONAL s.r.o.). I decided to keep the FENIX label because for me the company is still a symbol of transformation, eternity and life. For both candidates and corporate customers, the name has been in the know since 2012.

Why change from PERSONAL to SEARCH? By January 2019, the firm was dedicated to recruiting all types of industrial jobs. From workers to TOP management, to lower tech positions and administration. The PersoNAL label summed up just this broad scope of recruitment. Since January 2019, the firm has been focused on filling TOP managerial, highly specialized and long-term hard-to-reposition jobs in the industry. While finding such candidates can be very challenging to know resources and search environments. The essence of success, then, is the “art” of finding a suitable candidate. There has been a reduction in staff in the context of these changes.

The symbol of the fabled Phoenix is transformation. With the transformation, things are set in motion, and the old ones are standing over the abyss. Their time is over and space is being created for new…

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