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Voucher up to 100 000, – CZK for company photos or video

Did you make a resolution for the new year, strengthen the company brand, make a company video, report, create animation or professional photographs? You have the option of raising up to 100,000, – (75% of the value of the project) to implement such a contract with partner firm FILMONDO. The Creativity vouchers project is being implemented by the South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) and the city of Brno.
I work with FILMONDO to implement video and photo projects for my customers and I would like to recommend their services to you as well. FILMONDO is also involved in this project this year, offering its customers the opportunity to receive a financial subsidy to implement the project.
More informations about FILMONDO and project CREATIVE VOUCHERS:
VIDEO: https://www.kreativnivouchery.cz/kreativni-galerie/filmondo-sro/
Who is the project intended for and what conditions must the bidder meet?
  • You are a company, a commercial company or a cooperative (individual).
  • You have a registered office or establishment in the South Moravian Region.
  • You’re a small and medium-sized company
  • You are dedicated to the field: Advanced engineering and manufacturing technologies, precision instruments, software and hardware development, pharmaceuticals, medical care and diagnostics, technology for the aerospace industry

What you have to do and how does the project works?

  1. Company will register to project CREATIVE VOUCHERS: https://www.kreativnivouchery.cz/kreativni-voucher-firmy/
  2. The company will undergo information training on the project and choose the creator from whom it wants to use the services.
  3. Together with the creator, he will create the project and the company will upload it to the JIC website.
  4. By drawing a draw, companies will be selected to receive an amount of 75% of the project price, up to 100,000, -. Up to 4.5 milions of czech crowns will be distributed between companies. The firm has an obligation to implement the project within 6 months and to use the subsidy received.
  5. If the firm is not drawn and the voucher does not acquire, it is up to the company whether or not to implement the collaboration with the creator at its own expense.
  6. Registration for the project no later than 12.2.2020.

For more information and to register use asistent from company FILMONDO: Mrs. Michaela Soškovova, email: michaela@filmondo.cz

If you decide to take this opportunity, I wish the project were successful and you satisfied.
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