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NEW JOB IN THE AUTUMN? You should consider doing these fine things in summer.

Do you want to find a new job in the fall? It’s a good thing that you’re here then. I have a few tips with an explanation of why you need to spend some time with these activities and with what purpose. I could help you to make yourself a better person for applying for your dream job and I could help you with settle in your new job, too.

New job? Never without a rest.

You need to take a rest. You really do. At least you should take a two weeks break but rather longer considering your plans but you need to take into consideration that your body does not know something like a two-week cycle. Finish your current duties, cut it off and just relax. Days off between job that just ended and a job that is going to start are in my opinion the best thing and I absolutely recommend that to everyone.

If you want to be really efficient in a new job, you need to take a „half-time“ and during this rest, you should pursue everything – except for your regular work.

New experiences

Have you ever climbed onto the top of a tree, flown with a hot-air balloon, baked any difficult cake, went along the mountain road? If you said no, go and find some tree, recipe or route for beginners or whatever you have ever wanted to do and do it!

In the first place, you will be glad that you finally did that (and I believe that you handled it, too) and secondly, it is good training before a new job starts because you will have to handle a lot of new things. As soon as you try something new it is going to be easier to do something new in a new job.

Networking is popular now and you can do it everywhere

Relationships you make on a vacation, boating expedition, cooking course or somewhere in the park during walking the dog could be more helpful than contact from the best networking event. How is that possible? The strongest relationships are made from the strongest experiences. Talk to people wherever you are, ask them what do they like to do and so on… but naturally, not forcibly. Express your sincere interest them, be empathic and open to the needs of others and there is a chance that they will help you to move on in the future – on their own or with help from their friends.

Health support and better shape

Believe it or not, but your look matters. Of course, I do not mean to do drastic diets, plastic surgeries and another radical intervention. It will be enough if you start with some regular exercise. Go swimming a few times a week, riding a bike, go for a long walk or inspire yourself on the internet because there is a lot of video-exercises there. Exercises are useful for our mood because of endorphins. Sport is not only about your health and immunity but also your shape, condition, you will feel much better and more confident. Changes will be visible on your speech, too.

Openness, understanding and better relationships

Talk to your relatives, talk to each other about your worries, pleasures, what do you want to change and what do you want to repeat. Discuss everything you always wanted to talk with them but there was no time for that. It is also important to speak about future job and what is your goal.

There are some reasons why it is important to have a clear view of your plans in the future and flag them up to your relatives. The first reason is that it will be easier for you to reach your goals when you have support. Secondly, most of your dreams and plans in your life depend on work success. Castles in the air are allowed but it is necessary to keep your feet on the ground and remember that a lot of goals you will not be able to reach due to absence of resources. If your relatives will know everything about, it will be easier for them to understand why you are not with them in important situations because of your work.

Take a rest, enjoy things and come back well-motivated to reach your highest goals and if your goal is getting some highly qualified job position in the fall then you do not hesitate to contact me.

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