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Salary Guide 2022 – Czech Republic

We have created for you a new SALARY GUIDE 2022. Here you will find information on positions and trends in eight specialized industries – Engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain, Logistics, Sales, Sales Technical, Finance, Human Resources and Marketing. This complete guide can serve as your compass whether you are an employer or considering a career change. From an employer’s perspective, you will gain beneficial insight to set your recruitment strategy and from an employee’s position, you can compare your salary with the trends in the current job market.

In the Salary Guide, we give you the insight from our headhunter’s perspective on the current situation of the job market and its development.

Explore Salary Guide 2022 and the numbers worth knowing! You’ll get comparisons of salaries, hiring trends, and what top candidates are looking for or what the average salary for your position is.

You will get the Salary Guide 2022 from us for free. After filling out and sending the form, you will receive a download link to your e-mail address.

Author: Tereza Nechvílová





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