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We have prepared a SALARY GUIDE for the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2022. Here you will find information about salaries for individual positions, locations and trends in Information Technology for C-level, IT Management, Development, Database, Testing and others.

Newly, the IT Salary Guide will bring you our tips for successfully recruiting technology professionals, what factors are critical for candidates and what will help ensure you are competitive in the marketplace. For IT professionals considering a career change, the Salary Guide will provide an opportunity to assess the attractiveness of salary compensation.

Given the highly competitive environment in IT, hiring managers still face difficulties in finding qualified talent. There is a growing need for direct candidate outreach and headhunting is increasingly in demand for finding candidates.

You will get the Salary Guide Information Technology 2022 from us for free. After filling out and sending the form, you will receive a download link to your e-mail address.

Author: Tereza Nechvílová

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